Footprints Recovery Home - Arizona Sober Living for Women

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Discover Our Sober Living Facility in Beautiful Prescott, Arizona

The purpose of Footprints is to help women recover from alcohol and drug addiction in an affordable, structured, loving way. Our Women's substance abuse recovery home offers structured sober living along with access to group and individual therapy at an Arizona State Licensed IOP Facility. Footprints main focus is on 12-step recovery programs, outings, conventions, and most importantly, a new life.

Footprints recovery home is a structured sober living environment for women ready for a new life free from drugs and alcohol. Our addiction treatment program is located two hours north of Phoenix in Prescott, AZ. Prescott is a small town with all the amenities of a larger city. There are over 100 Twelve-step meetings per week with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds of people who have continuous sobriety. At Footprints, we understand that recovery isnít always easy, but our treatment programs in Arizona are here to help direct those who truly want to live a life free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.

This Isn't Your Typical Halfway House in Arizona

Footprints is a 12-step based social model women's recovery community offering access to substance abuse treatment programs in the local community. Footprints is designed to be a loving family environment. We believe that each woman's recovery should be taken very seriously, but of course there has to be room for fun. Why would anyone want to get sober if they were going to be unhappy? Our programs are different than the typical Arizona halfway house. At our Arizona sober living home we do everything we can to promote fellowship as well as get clients involved with other members of the local recovery community.

Footprints is different from other sober living homes in Arizona and Across the Country

Footprints not only encourages alumni to return after they have completed the program, but also allows several women in the community to spend their free time at the house for fun and for free. These women dedicate their time and experience, showing residents how to have fun in sobriety, be mentors, or just a friend. At our sober living house in AZ, we have community house meetings Monday through Friday, allowing the clients to get honest about anything that is going on in their life. Anyone in the local recovery community is welcome to attend and give back to our recovering young women.

The reason that these meetings are different is because alumni and other sober women from the Arizona community attend and give their advice as well. Not only does this allow clients to get more comfortable with their housemates, it also promotes healthy relations with well-rounded sober women from the local recovery community. Our program is here to help women get sober, so needless to say the women are going to have to want to be here. There is a slim chance of recovery for those who do not want it.

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