Discover Our Sober Living Facility in Prescott, Arizona

We provide women with a path to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction in a structured and loving way. Our women's substance abuse recovery home offers structured sober living coupled with an Innovative Treatment Program.

Footprints is different from any sober living homes in the country.

Footprints Recovery Home is a twelve-step based transitional living program designed to help women recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our success in helping young women recover can be attributed to our loving and holistic approach to recovery. At Footprints transitional living, we believe in treating the whole woman: mind, body, and spirit. The women of Footprints will not only be given an education about their condition, but the tools to overcome their disease and move forward with their lives in a happy and productive way.

Footprints Recovery Home is the highest quality of sober living Arizona provides. Our clients will be provided with a structured real world setting enabling them to learn to live life on life’s terms while having the support of the Footprints staff, other housemates, and women in the community. Clients will obtain a sponsor and work the twelve steps, find employment and become self-supporting, engage in daily service work, attend group and individual therapy, and be held to the highest standard of accountability. Our success can be exhibited through our alumni that still reside in Prescott. Our graduates will testify that early recovery from addiction may be the most difficult undertaking of your life, but through working the program and surrendering to the solution provided at Footprints you will not only recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, but you will do so with a new found purpose and loving fellowship.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Footprints Recovery Home is to provide women in early sobriety with a safe and structured environment to become women of purpose and integrity while creating an unshakable foundation for recovery.

Our Program

Footprints Recovery Home is a structured sober living program for women who are recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We provide an innovative recovery program in a safe sober living environment for women over the age of 18 who are ready to find the path to freedom.


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