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Prescott is located in Arizona’s central mountains, just 96 miles south of the Grand Canyon, at an elevation of 5,347 feet above sea level. Prescott has an ideal four season climate, with mountain breezes that keep us 15-20 degrees cooler than the Phoenix desert heat. Summer temps rarely exceed 90 degrees and winter days are in the fifties. Prescott’s population is approximately 44,000 and boasts a strong recovery community with over 100 AA meetings a week, most within walking distance of our facility.

Prescott has a strong core of over one hundred recovery meetings and is one of the premier recovery locations in the Southwest. Spawned in 1863 by a gold fever, Prescott has all the amenities of a large community (fine and leisure dining, modern shopping malls, health clubs, etc…) while retaining its hometown Southwestern charm, culture and architecture with quaint shops, boutiques, historic hotels, museums and galleries. In addition to its modern amenities and traditional culture, Prescott provides an abundance of outdoor recreation including hiking, biking, boating, swimming, climbing and much more!