Addiction Affects Everyone

At Footprints sober living we believe that recovery is meant to be for the family along with the suffering alcoholic or addict. We have witnessed that when the family takes consistent action in their own recovery from their loved ones addiction the chances of success greatly increase as well as the quality of recovery for all parties.

As the family gets well the addict gets well. Our staff will be here to support not only the addict but the family as well. Together as a family a foundation for recovery can be created to strengthen the goal of peace and happiness in a life of long term sobriety.

Starting with your very first call our program director will be your guide with a step by step process to getting your loved one admitted to our program. Family will be given a full description of the Footprints transitional living program as well as have the opportunity to have any and all questions and concerns answered. We at Footprints understand that taking this crucial next step in your loved ones recovery can be a very difficult and scary process. Our goal at Footprints is to make this transition for the addict and the family as smooth as possible. We will be here to maintain a comfortable level of communication throughout the whole process from the beginning of their stay to their graduation.

How we Work with Families

Family Matters

Once your loved one is admitted to our program, family will be invited to maintain contact with our program director and resident housing director receiving updates as requested. Family will also be contacted once every other week by the client’s primary therapist giving an update on therapeutic progress at the outpatient program. If a family member decides to come to our beautiful state to visit their loved one they will have the opportunity to meet all staff as well as tour our facilities. Clients enrolled in the outpatient program will also have the privilege of engaging in an individual or group family session with their family member and our resident’s primary therapist.

Our hope is for all families to be involved in a productive, loving, and healthy manner conducive to their loved ones recovery. We encourage all family members to become involved in 12 step recovery programs like Alanon and Family Anonymous. Our experience has shown that families who begin to engage in their own personal journey of recovery from their loved ones addiction while utilizing the experience of these programs not only receive a greater understanding of addiction, but also have a large fellowship of support from other family members who have recovered from the seeming hopelessness of alcoholism and addiction. There is a solution and it’s not just for the addict. Join us on the journey!

Our Family Therapy Program

Where would any of us be without our family? The truth is that our families were instrumental in our development. The majority of addicted individuals have a long history of straining their family relationships prior to entering treatment.

At New Freedom, we believe that your healing is best augmented by simultaneously making inroads to also heal your family. Our Family Program is designed to do that through multiple avenues including education and family therapy.

Our goal is for you to leave New Freedom free from the grip of addiction and reconnected to your family.

Our Family Program includes:

  • Weekly family contact
  • Bimonthly family program and workshops
  • Family education
  • Group and individual family therapy
  • Referrals for family members when appropriate