about our program


About Our Program

Footprints Recovery Home is a transitional living home designed to teach young women how to live a life free from alcoholism and drug addiction. We not only give our clients the education and tools to maintain their recovery in our program, but we show them how to use what they have learned once they graduate from our program and begin their new life outside of Footprints. The Footprints treatment program is suggested to women over the age of 18.

Footprints provides sober living to women who are ready to live in an honest, safe, and sober setting. While at Footprints, clients often attend a recommended State Licensed outpatient treatment program. The outpatient program and Footprints work side by side to teach our young women how to live prosperous lives in recovery. The outpatient treatment program offers access to a state of the art therapeutic setting, experienced clinicians, doctors and psychiatrists, as well as laboratory urine drug screening.

Footprints Recovery

We understand that the inpatient setting that many of our clients may be coming from may not be enough to treat the direct and underlying issues associated with our clients’ addictions. We have witnessed that through the combination of continued support from a clinical team along with our structured sober living, our residents find a great continuum of care on their journey and early recovery.

Footprints Recovery

Our facility is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Prescott; less than a mile from the the town square. We have beautifully designed bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens, and on-site laundry facilities. Smoking is prohibited inside our houses, however smoking is allowed on the property if the property is clean of cigarette butts. Each of our residents will perform daily chores to maintain the care of our facility.

More About Our Program

Footprints Sober Living

Footprints Recovery Home is where we find solutions to our problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. Residents at Footprints live with a group of other women for the purpose of working a program of recovery that will enable them to find a life filled with purpose beyond their wildest dreams. Our women will gain a whole new attitude and outlook on their life along with obtaining a heightened level of self-esteem and peace within them by doing the suggested work our program offers. Residents practice living everyday life with the accountability and support of the house members and staff. Our goal is to promote honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness in an environment conducive to outstanding recovery. The women of Footprints are required to adhere to various recovery oriented standards from which they will learn new principals and ideals to live by as women in recovery. Such standards include the abstinence from alcohol and drugs, attendance of daily 12-step meetings and in-house accountability meetings, along with having the utmost respect for other peers safety, privacy and possessions.

Footprints Recovery Home uses the traditional 12-step model along with a high level of staff and peer accountability while recognizing that healthy relationships with friends and family, becoming self-supporting, having fun in sobriety, and having a strong fellowship of other women are vital components for a fulfilling recovery. We empower our women to take responsibility for their lives through action and service. Footprints is different than most other transitional living homes in that our clients are encouraged to gain their independence through paying their own way for our program, helping other women find solutions, and taking responsibility for their recovery.

We at Footprints absolutely insist on enjoying life. We strongly encourage our residents to get involved with living a life that is filled with happiness and excitement. AA and non-AA related events and conventions take place all around the world and we love to take our residents to experience what fun in sobriety is all about. Some of our common trips include: Grand Canyon, Lake Powell in Utah, California conventions, and even Rocky Point, Mexico.

If you or your loved one is ready to start a new life in recovery filled with purpose and usefulness beyond anything you could have dreamed, then Footprints Recovery Home’s sober living program in Prescott, Arizona is the place for you. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

Our Sober living Program offers:

  • Assistance with finding a sponsor
  • Food cards upon admission
  • Free passes to the YMCA
  • Daily accountability house meetings
  • Resume building
  • Job placement
  • Financial Management
  • Probation and legal assistance
  • Weekly urine drug screens
  • Transportation
  • Wifi internet access
  • 12-step meetings
  • Monthly camping trips, round-ups, and conferences
Innovative Treatment Program

Footprints Recovery Home works with a local treatment facility to offer our clients access to a cutting-edge program that assists in achieving a strong foundation in early sobriety. This treatment program consists of three components: A partial hospitalization program, an innovative outpatient treatment program, and an aftercare outpatient program. These programs are offered to Footprints sober living home through an Arizona state licensed facility located in Prescott, Arizona.

The outpatient component of the program provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol education and evidence-based therapy groups using group process, lecture, video and weekly assignments to address all areas of the individual’s recovery. Our clients will receive an individualized treatment program from their primary therapist and medical director outlining core issues that will be addressed within our program.

Footprints sober living working side by side with an aggressive outpatient treatment program has proven to interrupt the devastation that alcoholism causes the individual and their family. Client issues will be assessed and treated in a holistic approach allowing them to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically from the harm their disease has caused. By achieving an education and obtaining relapse prevention skills, clients will go forth armed with the tools needed for a healthy life and quality relationships.

Your treatment program will include:

  • Weekly Individual therapy sessions
  • Daily group therapy
  • Family workshops
  • Trauma therapy
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Medical and Psychiatric services
  • Relapse prevention
  • Psychoeducation
  • Biweekly family communication
Aftercare Alumni Program

Footprints transitional living understands that 6 months in structured sober living is only a beginning to the life-long journey of living sober and being happy. For this reason we have made arrangements to offer an aftercare program to all of our residents. After a resident commences from the Footprints Sober Living community, they will continue to attend one house circle as well as one licensed group therapy session each week provided through a partnering State Licensed Treatment Center. All clients who chose to attend our alumni program will be subject to weekly urinalysis testing for the length of their aftercare.

Residents at Footprints will have the option to stay in an alumni house on a separate campus with fellow graduates. Residents who choose to move into the alumni house will be required to pay their own rent and will be expected to hold themselves to the same standard of accountability they were taught at Footprints.

The Alumni Aftercare Program allows former residents to remain a part of the fellowship where they began their journey. We know that the fellowship our residents create at Footprints is of paramount importance in early recovery. Being a part of the Alumni Aftercare program also allows former residents to attend trips and events with the current members of the house as well as give back to current clients.