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Footprints Recovery

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We provide women with a path to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction in a structured and loving way. Our women’s substance abuse recovery home offers structured sober living coupled with an Innovative Treatment Program.


is a learned skill

Footprints Recovery Home is a twelve-step based transitional living program designed to help women recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our success in helping young women recover can be attributed to our loving and holistic approach to recovery. At Footprints transitional living, we believe in treating the whole woman: mind, body, and spirit. The women of Footprints will not only be given an education about their condition, but the tools to overcome their disease and move forward with their lives in a happy and productive way.

Footprints Recovery
Family Communication


addiction affects everyone

We believe that family communication and involvement is an essential part of the recovery process. We will work with your family to help you heal the damage caused by addiction.


You can do this!

We understand being lost, we understand being hopeless, and we understand the fear behind taking this step. Let Footprints show you the way, you will find hope within the peers around you, and we will help you walk through the fear.

Footprints Recovery

what our clients say

  • My life today is amazing. Two and a half years ago I was homeless, lost, and dying a slow death. I moved to Prescott when I was 19 years old after trying to get sober for several years prior. I had basically given up and was just coming as a last resort and then something happened to me. I got willing. I decided that I was willing to do whatever it takes to get sober and I did. I got sober at 20 years old and haven’t had a drink since. My life is amazing here and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Today I can’t wait to give back to the women at Footprints like others gave to me.

    Kelsey H. Client
  • As a young woman in recovery, it has been wonderful growing and expanding my mind, body, and spirit in Prescott, Arizona. The young people’s community is HUGE and is so much fun to be involved in. Everyone is extremely friendly, kind, and loving. I have met the truest friends that have ever crossed my path here in Prescott. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the help of the other young women, doing and striving for the same life as I am, around me.

    Beth F. Client
  • The promises that are laid out in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous have come true in my life today. I have a group of women that I can go to with anything; the support, love and honesty between the people I have met in Prescott is something I never expected. The friendships and relationships I have formed over the past year of my sobriety are remarkable and I would not change them for anything.

    Chelsey E. Client
  • Hi my name is Katy and I am an alcoholic and a drug addict. Before I got sober I was dying inside and had no idea what really living was all about. I was able to smash my pride and ego, and get the help I needed and have become a woman of integrity. Today I have the willingness and tools I need to stay sober; I have a purpose in life and I can take responsibility for my actions. The best thing is that I can share my experience, strength, and hope with others to help them through their struggles.

    Katy J. Client
  • Before coming to Footprints, I was completely lost, lonely, and broken. I had lost everything and every person I cared about to my addiction. Footprints gave me a real home, taught me how to live a life without drugs and alcohol, and how to have fun in sobriety. I have learned how to build healthy relationships and what it means to have real, meaningful friendships. Footprints has been an incredible experience and I am so thankful for the life it has given me.

    Chailey C. Client
  • Being sober in Prescott is such an amazing gift. Through the program here I have been able to make life-long, deep connections with women in recovery. I have friends whom I can always count on and have become like sisters to me. This is a huge deal for me as I have always had a very difficult time relating to and trusting women. I am grateful every day for the support and friendships I have around me. I know that I am never alone through whatever may happen in my life. All of this is wonderful but what is even more incredible is that I have learned how to have fun! When I first got sober I thought I was destined for a boring and dull life. Thank goodness I was wrong! I have never had more fun than being sober in Prescott. My life is more amazing than I ever thought possible.

    Sadie B. Client